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Erwin Stern

Managing Director Puritech GmbH

Latest Development News: PURINOX for Bus Retrofit

With PURINOX, Puritech presents a SCRTTM system for retrofitting of buses and refuse trucks. The objectives for the development of this aftertreatment system were based on three themes: Cleanliness – Reliability – Innovation.

Puritech engineers have used CFx – simulation tools for optimal airflow and mixing with AdBlueTM. The heat energy contained in the exhaust gas is not wasted due to a perfect heat encapsulation. With the opposing arrangement of oxidation catalytic converter and particle filter on the one hand and selective catalytic reduction converter and ammonia barrier on the other hand, the system is modular and robust.

This benchmark system is very clean, even at lowest temperatures and low load conditions. Read more about it in the PURINOX section.


Puritech is a subsidiary of YINLUN. The Tiantai, China based group of 7,000 employees is a leader in the field of thermal management and emission control. Yinlun supplies more than 100 companies in the automotive industry and offers original equipment systems and components for non-road applications.

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Here is where PURItech started it’s journey to clean the air and bring health to the people. In close neighbourhood, many scientific institutes strive for improvements of air quality. This area welcomes tourists to let them enjoy wonderful fresh air and the energy of pure water. It also provides energy to us to serve you!