Partikelfilter für Dieselmotoren

In Herstellung und Reinigung von Dieselpartikelfiltern zählt PURItech zu den erfolgreichsten Firmen der Branche.  

On Road Systems

Heavy commercial vehicles

PURItech inspires with tailor-made particle filter systems. The retrofit solutions for diesel particulate filters developed by us are perfectly tailored to the technical requirements of the customer’s vehicles.

Heavy comm. vehicle products

On Road Systems

Light commercial vehicles

The PURItech PURImobil System has a closed, catalytically coated wall flow filter and an additional pre-filter. It separates the diesel particles almost completely and also reduces toxic nitrogen oxide emissions.

Light comm. vehicle products

Off Road Systems

Construction site / agriculture

PURItech’s diesel particulate filters are perfectly suited for particularly environmentally sensitive construction tasks where fine dust pollution is subject to strict limits. Our variety of systems offers a practical solution for every application.

Off Road Products

DPF cleaning

PURIclean – The all new DPF-cleaningsystem

PURItech sets new standards for effective and thourough cleaning of diesel particulate filters (optimal for catalytically coated filter modules).

Details DPF-Cleaning

Regeneration furnace

for particulate filter

The regeneration furnace is used for the free burning of diesel particulate filters loaded with diesel soot, which are used in diesel vehicles.

Details Regeneration furnace