Clean Mobility

Clean mobility in low-emission zones: That is the goal of all of us. If only little driving is done, the air quality improves dramatically, as can unfortunately be seen all over the world in 2020:

  • Information on the situation in Europe can be found under this link
  • However, the change in NOx pollution was particularly impressive in China.

Science after the state of emergency

How important it would be for the air to be clean and healthy even in normal situations – with high mobility! Scientists and physicians have been studying the factors influencing air pollution on human health for decades. Many open questions should be scientifically clarified as soon as possible:

  • For example, whether there is perhaps an important connection between air polluted with particles and/or nitrogen oxides and the resistance of humans to complications, as many scientists suspect!
  • For example, what kind of positive effect the periodic technical inspection of particulate filters may have. There are already various studies published, showing that more than 3% of all particulate filters are defective! The contribution of the then highly emitting vehicles to the total amount of particle emissions of all vehicles is enormous and can reach 50%!

Subsidised or mandatory retrofitting

It is worth considering that a mandatory retrofitting and regular checks of exhaust gas cleaning systems could make buses and municipal vehicles, construction machinery, ships and power stations cleaner – for the sake of people’s health.

In various countries subsidies are in place and retrofitting is politically promoted. The fast impact however comes with even stricter legislation.