PURItech’s philosophy

Our company PURItech was founded in 2001 by Bernard Kahlert with the objective to purify exhaust gases from all kinds of combustion engines. Our motto is BOOST your Purification – PURItech continues to develop groundbreaking systems  to achieve better emissions reduction. Our mission is to achieve;

  • 100% Cleanliness
  • 100% Reliability and
  • 100% Innovation


PURItech have developed into a leading bus-retrofit project partner with PURINOX SCRT™ aftertreatment systems. With more than 4,000 of our systems fitted to buses & coaches across Europe, China and South America, we have recently added a range of systems to retrofit refuse trucks with SCRT . With leading global partners, we are committed to use the latest technology available to reduce exhaust emissions to the absolute minimum.


The company experienced rapid growth with our range of Diesel particulate Filter Systems (DPF) during the Euro V upgrade period and based on the continued reputation that PURItech was developing, the globally expanding Chinese automotive supplier, YINLUN supported the growth with further investment.

Since 2018, PURItech has been a wholly owned subsidiary of  YINLUN.

With increasing investment and a robust supply chain, PURItech continue to expand our product offering in to other industries.

Mission Statement

“Boost your Purification”

We take care of every single aspect of how we can fully clean the exhaust gases.
Making use of the latest scientific findings, and with the enthusiasm of our experienced R&D people, we want to stay ahead of our competition.

PURINOX Aftertreatment System in Citaro

Team Spirit

What would our company be without our team? Without a doubt, they provide the fertile soil on which our company has grown.

By encouraging a team environment and asking the team to speak openly, we are able to be open to new entrepreneurial challenges and pursue sustainable, long-term growth targets.

Team spirit is written in capital letters in our company.
 Our employees have an identification within our corporate philosophy.