Diesel particulate filter cleaning

After cleaning the diesel particulate filter, the exhaust back pressure drops back to low values. This protects the engine and reduces fuel consumption.
For more specific information please feel free to download our Info Flyer Filter Cleaning and our brochure PURIclean Filter Cleaning System.

PURIclean cleans particle filters effectively and gently

The gentle cleaning of diesel particulate filters is ideal for catalytically coated filter modules.

Maximum cleaning efficiency

  • patented compressed air “Precision Pulse” system
  • gentle cleaning through dispensing with heat treatment
  • short cleaning time
  • innovative test concept
  • ready for EURO 6/TIER 4 filter systems (OEM certification)
  • for all common filter monoliths on the market
  • CE and ATEX certification

The technologies of the new PURIclean devices from PURItech are based on many years of experience in the field of filter cleaning service.

They are unique worldwide in terms of process, scope and equipment.

The extreme cleaning efficiency ensures practically the same mileage as a new filter even after several cleanings – and that for many years.

High-speed needle jet thanks to revolutionary nozzle

Simply ingenious: The revolutionary nozzle forms the compressed air into a “high-speed” needle jet pressure pulse, which can remove the ash plugs, not only in the channels of the filter honeycomb body, but also at the channel end.

With conventional methods, on the other hand, a wide air jet with a high scattering loss is used. The main disadvantage: the ash plugs at the end of the channel are not removed.

Significantly longer cleaning processes

The PURIclean cleaning process ensures that

  • each individual filter channel is ash-free over its complete length
  • the filter maintenance interval and ash storage capacity are equal to those of a new filter

This is the only way to avoid the negative effects of incomplete cleaning:

  • significantly higher fuel consumption, reduced engine power, higher engine wear
  • the need to clean the filter much more often (up to three times as often as compared to PURIclean)
  • a significantly shorter maintenance interval after each cleaning cycle
  • to replace the filter completely, because the filter coating was damaged by an unsuitable process

High cost advantage

If the diesel particulate filter is cleaned with PURIclean technology, there are considerable cost advantages, as:

  • filter maintenance intervals are always of the same length
  • there are no downtimes for vehicle/machine
  • there is no additional fuel consumption
  • constant regeneration properties

Superlative filter cleaning system

But there’s even more: This high-performance system cleans not only PURItech filters, but all filter modules and makes available on the market.
This unique technology is also outstandingly suited for an automated filter cleaning process supported by a brilliant diagnostic system for fault detection and cleaning performance control. PURItech has patented this technology.
The cleaning system is certified according to CE and ATEX and thus meets the highest demands. The core of the system is the newly developed “PrecisionPulse” system which, together with the “HighTech Heat” regenerator and dust extraction system, represents the decisive factors for extremely efficient filter cleaning. Optional PDC modules can be ordered for cleanliness testing, assembly, maintenance, software and training.

Patented measuring instruments – the icing on the cake

PURItech has developed a range of new, patented measuring instruments to enable rapid and reliable testing of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) both before and after cleaning.

These measuring and diagnostic devices complete the PURIclean cleaning system and enable the so-called “filter ring exchange process”. It has the great advantage that the length of the workshop stays is enormously reduced and a filter cleaning no longer results in a vehicle standstill.

  • PURIvision (visual detection of cracks)
  • PURItest (unique cleaning efficiency test)
  • PURIdeep (Measurement of free channel depth – cell depth test)

Technical data

Main dimensions

  • Floor space: 800 mm x 1200 mm
  • Working area: min. 1600 mm x 1200 mm x 1900 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 200 kg


  • Compressed air: 8 bar – 1000 l/min, dehumidified and not oiled
  • Electrics: 400V / 50Hz / 1.5 KW / 16 A (optional 230 V); separate earthing (PE)

Exhaust air

  • Filtration of the exhaust air by integrated dust extraction system with HEPA filtration
  • Exhaust air can be discharged into the room


  • CE
  • ATEX

You can download more information here.