Innovation with systems

PURItech premieres like the first diesel particulate filter (DPF) with monitoring system via data logger or the first active diesel particulate filter with HC Dosing find their continuation in PURINOX, a complete exhaust gas purification system, which also contains, alongside an oxidation catalytic converter and DPF, a SCR exhaust gas catalytic converter. We always strive to achieve our goal in the interests of our customers with high-quality and robust approaches.

Customer surveys, market research and technological advances then lead to the perfect product for every concrete application.

The focus is always on optimized air flow and thus reduced installation space and low weight.

Our “DPFN++” system has an additional diesel injection for low exhaust temperatures.  

A unique filter coating and the additional, demand-driven injection of diesel fuel into the upstream exothermic converter not only enable the regeneration of the filter at low exhaust temperatures, but also significantly reduce NOx and NO2.

Compared to an engine without a filter, NOx emissions are reduced by up to 30%, with NO2 even by up to 70%. If the additional injection of diesel fuel is activated, the reduction effects are even greater.


  • General: Engines with low load as a rule
  • Operation in zones with low NO2 emissions (e.g. tunnel construction)