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We generally recommend that our specialists carry out specialist work on your PURItech diesel particulate filter to ensure that the particulate filter remains in perfect working order.


With our specialists you are always in good hands. You can book our assembly service ex works at any time.


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If a particulate filter no longer works properly, the environment will be harmed to a certain extent. Regular maintenance increases the life of your particulate filter, saves you money and improves the environment.

Scope of maintenance

The scope of maintenance for the PURItech diesel particulate filter includes:

  • control and maintenance of electronic filter function monitoring
  • Selection of the recorded data
  • Checking the filter system
  • Cleaning the particulate filter/filter module
  • Control of the additive tank
  • Check of the mechanical bolting of the injection nozzle
  • Replacing the injection nozzle
  • Other service and maintenance work

Upon request, we will be pleased to offer you a competent
Maintenance service by our mechanic.


Extend the life of your filter considerably.

PURItech recommends a highly effective cleaning process for diesel particulate filters during regular maintenance.

The three-way cleaning concept from PURItech

1 – Filter cleaning without exchange module

Send the filter module with the enclosed return delivery note to PURItech for cleaning. Once the filter cleaning has been completed, the cleaned filter module is returned to you for reinstallation.

2 – Filter cleaning with exchange module

We only offer this service for commercial vehicles (on road).
If you order in time – i.e. at least one week before maintenance or installation – PURItech will supply you with a replacement module.
After receipt of the replacement module, the filter module to be cleaned is replaced by the replacement module and sent to PURItech. This measure significantly reduces the service life of the vehicle and avoids unnecessary visits to the workshop.

3 – Filter cleaning at the customer/service partner’s premises

You order a filter cleaning procedure in the good time with the rental of a silencer module from PURItech. When the silencer module arrives, remove the filter module to be cleaned and temporarily replace it with the silencer.

Your filter module will be sent to PURItech for cleaning. After the cleaning process we send your filter module back to you and you send the silencer back to PURItech.

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