NPTI – New Periodical Technical Inspection

NPTI – New Periodic Technical Inspection foresees regular testing of the effectiveness of particulate filters. This type of technical inspection will soon be mandatory in several countries. It will monitor and ensure that the particle filters are functioning properly.

NPTI are essential for people’s health.

SCRT System on Citaro

Therefore our PURINOX SCRT TM – Systems for the Euro 6 equivalent retrofitting of older city buses and municipal vehicles have integrated highly effective ceramic particule filters.

They reduce particulate emissions >99%. In fact, the decimal places are the quality benchmark for their cleanliness.

Viruses and particles of combustion engines are of equal size

Recently published researchers of the TU Graz, that you’ve succeeded in counting particles as small as 10nm. Even a corona virus of about 120nm could be detected. Most viruses are as large as particles from direct-injection petrol and diesel engines, about 20-300nm (sources: ETH 20th Nanoparticle Conference, VERT Best Practice Guidelines).