The ISRAEL environmental project –

notably better air quality due to PURItech.

We at PURItech are very pleased to be involved in an exciting environmental project in Israel. PURItech is one of the companies with which the State of Israel wants to greatly improve air quality by significantly reducing emissions in the form of particulate matter, nitrogen oxide (NO2) and ozone (O3).

PURItech’s focus is on minimizing emissions from diesel engines. In Israel, they account for around 20 percent of daily traffic, but cause up to 80 percent of harmful emissions.

For example, a high background concentration of fine dust (PM10: 35 μg/m3 – PM2.5: 15 μg/m3 ) is measured in the country. The nitrogen oxide level in urban agglomerations is high. This also applies to the domestic ozone level.

Government action to reduce vehicle emissions is now a priority. From November 2018, M2, M3 and N2 diesel vehicles with Euro 4 standard will have to install diesel particulate filters. Only then will your driving license be extended.

Environmentally harmful vehicles will be marked with a sticker and may not be driven into low-emission zones.

This implementation is expected to reduce vehicle air pollution in Israel by 30 percent.

A focal point in terms of emissions is the central bus station in Jerusalem with 70,000 passengers per day and 1,000 bus journeys per day. Diesel buses are equipped with the Euro standard 3 and 4. Euro 3 buses may not enter the station if they are not equipped with a filter.

A first environmental zone was also established in Haifa in 2018.
The emissions caused by diesel locomotives are anything but insignificant. Here, too, the Israeli government wants to use the lever. In TelAviv, for example, 25 diesel trains are registered per hour.

Steps towards a nationwide Low Emission Zone
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New diesel emission regulations nationwide LEZ
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