Retrofitting of NOx – reduction systems

PURINOX SCRT ™ – Systeme are perfect for Bus – Retrofit and the Backfitting of Municipal Vehicles such as refuse trucks.

  • The emission values are at least equivalent to or better than those required by the Euro 6 emission standard.

In the following you will find many good reasons why we are convinced of PURINOX. As we built up a lot of competence and invested quite some diligence, we are now very happy to contribute something important to sustainability and health. As we have refined the  Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology SCRT™  in all components, our technology achieves excellent results.
So let us convince you too!
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Fit for LEZ - by PURINOX from PURItech
PURINOX für die Busnachrüstung

Economic advantages of a bus retrofit

The conversion to the most modern exhaust gas technology is strongly promoted politically. And even without a subsidy, you can retrofit over 15 buses instead of buying a new Euro VI diesel bus. For example, the current subsidy in Germany means:

  • that in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, applications for subsidies are approved up to a total of 95% of the costs.
  • In other federal states of Germany, the funding rate in NOx-critical regions is 80%.
  • Even for municipal vehicles such as the Daimler Econic refuse collection vehicle, the possible subsidy rate is still 80%.

Reliable technology in PURINOX SCRT™ systems

You may already know other systems. Now you want to know how PURINOX differs from them. Here are the facts:

  • This SCRT™ – system does not need a heating catalytic converter and no exhaust gas flap.
  • In addition, our solution for the AdBlue™ – insertion does not require a long mixer pipe.
  • Especially in the exhaust gas temperature window of 160-180°C the nitrogen oxide reduction rate is 95%.
    This is 10% more than required and current benchmark.
  • In addition, our bus retrofit solution is a very safe investment and impresses with the:
    1. Easy cleaning of the diesel particulate filter
    2. Possibility to replace the SCR – catalytic converter
  • As a result, PURINOX is the most reliable and efficient retrofit solution to bring buses from Euro 3, 4, 5 and EEV to a standard equivalent to Euro 6, both economically and technically!
PURINOX Schnittbild

Cleanliness through PURINOX SCRT™

Are you interested in how the system works? The adjoining sectional view explains the structure. The PURINOX system combines CRT® (Continuous Regeneration Trap) with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology:

  • The CRT® part of PURINOX consists of a specially optimized oxidation catalyst and a ceramic wall flow filter. The latter absorbs fine dust and ultra-fine particles. In doing so, it reduces the particle mass and the particle number particularly effectively.
  • In front of the downstream SCR part, AdBlue™ is injected in a special cyclone mixer. Then, NOx is chemically converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. The latter takes place in coated special catalytic converters. Finally, a blocking catalyst ensures that no ammonia that has been formed in the meantime escapes from the system.
Emission Reduction

As a result, the conversion solution from PURItech eliminates

  • Fine dust by particle number (PN) and particle mass (PM)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)

almost completely.


Die NOx – Abscheidung optimieren

PURINOX - 95% NOx reduction at 160-180°C (Benchmark)

Innovative SCRT™ – Technology for more robustness and longevity

  • Are you curious about what the innovation consists of? Very simple: Our AdBlue injection and mixing technology is different. It enables extremely effective mixing of exhaust gas with AdBlue over a very short distance.
  • In addition, we achieve perfect mixing of AdBlue with the exhaust gas via an unusually high uniform distribution of the speeds of the media flows.
  • Of course we use CFx simulations to optimize the design.
  • Last, but not least, we use novel low light-off coatings for our substrates.

Minimized risk

The risk of the formation of deposits increases with the length of the mixer section. And because the mixing distance with PURINOX is very short, the risk is extremely low. Therefore, please feel free to compare us with systems from competitors!