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You are looking for Jobs at PURItech? Very good, as we can offer positions to experts in electronics, mechatronics, assembly and welding.

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At our Hohentengen facility, PURItech develops, produces and sells electronically controlled and monitored exhaust gas purification systems as bus retrofit solutions. Our main market segments are buses, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and diesel-powered rail vehicles. Currently, we do a lot of bus retrofitting with SCRT (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) technology to meet Euro 6 emission standards.

Part of a global group

PURItech is a subsidiary of YINLUN. Yinlun is a globally expanding Chinese automotive supplier in the fields of heat transfer and exhaust gas purification with more than 7000 employees. As a group, we are striving to further increase the number of our customers and partners. And expanding our product portfolio through innovations is very important.

Working with state-of-the art IT

Because of digitization being elementary, we rely on state-of-the-art software solutions. This also includes to have access to data from anywhere. More and more, we deal with big data. There’s regular online cooperation with colleagues from other parts of the globe. This is common practice for many years. And finally, open communication is part of our lived corporate culture.

We let you shine!

We are a fine team of experienced and enthusiastic specialists on their jobs. And everybody is always happy about the success of the others.

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Do you enjoy automotive engineering and are you looking for a challenge, for example as a product manager, fitter or mechatronics engineer?


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